A poem.

Hold all your questions with gentleness.
Don’t be afraid.
Allow the words to dance from your tongue.
Hear them.
Hear the questions.
Trust what comes from within and
Listen to yourself.

‘But how will I know if I’m asking the right questions?’
I hear you cry.
Remove that thought.
There is no single question:
Only sounds of all that have come before.
What words tumble from your mind?
What happens when you listen?

Rustling, bubbling, twittering and swirling,
Competing sounds, words and questions.
Take your time. Pause.
Just listen.
What happens again and again and again?
Listen and you will find an answer:
Can you hear it?

Listen to the wind.
Never captured but always in motion
Dancing with abundance.
Allow your words to leap, twist and turn.
Allow your questions to play and take risks.
There is no ‘true’ answer
But an answer can guide you.

Listen to the voices from the ancient paths
Listen to the words tumbling from within
Listen gently
Listen hard
Always listen to

By Dr Caroline Walters

Teacher, Writer and Researcher.

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